TCCA Works for Downtown

The Tracy City Center Association (TCCA) is the driving force behind the continuing revitalization of the Downtown area.

TCCA, a 501(c) (3) Community Benefit District, advocates on behalf of its district stakeholders (property owners, merchants, local government) and the Tracy community at large, through its focus and support of economic development, events, public safety, and beautification.

TCCA is committed & cognizant of its role to foster a vibrant, thriving downtown that preserves and emphasizes Tracy’s unique local history. Strong support and collaboration with the City of Tracy and Tracy Chamber of Commerce provides TCCA with the strong foundation and conduit needed to meet its objectives.

Available Space & Incentives

Downtown Tracy offers a range of business friendly amenities and incentives for companies that choose to open a business or retail establishment downtown.

Available Properties, Value Priced

  • An excellent inventory of well-preserved functioning historic buildings
  • Downtown Tracy is a hidden gem in the real estate community; affordable lease and purchase rates
  • Property owners committed and focused on fulfilling the downtown vision
  • Growing customer base
  • New companies, business parks, and residential development are creating increased demand for dining, shopping, and services
  • New independent retail and restaurants are transforming Downtown Tracy into a shopping and dining destination
  • Emphasis on creating high density residential as a component of new and existing mixed use projects

The Right Physical Attributes

  • Numerous well-designed public spaces
  • Attractive streetscapes for retail and dining
  • Tree-lined streets that create a sense of place
  • Three connected, walkable downtown districts
  • Parklets trial underway for enhancing outdoor dining options
  • Ample and free parking (street and off-street)

Involved City and TCCA Leadership

Tracy City Council and City management are results oriented, productive, responsive, and 100% committed to the development and success of Downtown Tracy.

  • A thoughtful and strategic Downtown Specific Plan will help guide the look, feel, and future development of the City’s historic core.
  • Long-term vision, knowledge, experience, and support of the Tracy City Center Association members provides the strong foundation & framework of a public-private partnership unrivaled in most cities.

“An Impressive Track Record of Success”

“The reasons for TCCA’s success, aside from the commitment and passion, is the organization’s ability to interface effectively with downtown property owners, tenants and, importantly, the various City departments. Its success in effectively publicized community-centric events downtown are impressive. TCCA also creates an environment conducive to attracting new downtown tenants.”